Kyoai no Mori(Kyoai Forest)

We welcome people from the community at large and from all over the world!

We are currently walking slowly but steadily towards one of our goals. It is to build and run a facility for music and art.
Everyday we witness children's faces glowing from the influence of music and art. We believe that music and art can bring forth people's natural curiosity,motivation, and positive mind.
We are planning to build a place in our community where everyone, regardless of ages and ability, can come and experience music and art.

A concert hall with capacity of 200 people.The hall will be available for various kinds of events such as concert and live performance.
A café and shop with an art gallery. We will serve coffee / tea and healthy snacks. Visitors will be able to purchase our school’s art worksat the shop and enjoy an art exhibition.

A community room. Visitors will be able to enjoyour hand-made, safe and fun wooden toys and read specialized books included picture books from around the world or relax in the soothing smell and ambience of wood. The space will also be available for workshops and lectures.
Daycare and afterschool programs for children with disabilities. Our current programs with music and art will be provided in the beautiful environment.

Inclusive Orchestra

We have launched a new music project this year!
Symphony is an orchestra group in which children with disabilities and ones without disabilities can gather to play music together. The project will foster the opportunity for the children to support and inspire each other. The members will play string instruments, wind instruments, brass instruments and percussion. It is a very rare opportunity for the children to experience playing together! Each child’s talent and strength will flourish through working on music together. Our experienced and caring instructors in Symphony will instruct the children to explore the world of music.

Way to give

Your generosity will help us enrich our programs, help to build the facility, and enrich the orchestra, Symphony and will make an impact on the life of every student each day.
There are many ways to support us. Please read the following options and find out your which is most suitable for you!
Thank you very much!

Design Your Own Tile
We are collecting leaf-shape tiles that will be designed by donors.
Help to decorate a wall with tiles you design for our new facility. The contribution to create a tile is 5,000 Japanese yen.
Hand Print Tile
We are collecting square tileswith hand shapes printed on them for our new facility. The contribution need to create a tile is 5,000 Japanese yen. (For the children whose hand can fit in 15 cm x 15 cm square tile only.)
Music instrument donation
We need music instruments for our orchestra. If you have music instruments that are no longer in use, please consider donating them to us. New instruments are also most welcome!
Online donation
GiveOne site online donation-It is the simplest and easiestway to support us.
Please click the bottom below and go to the online donation site, GiveOne.

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Design Your Own Tile
Hand Print Tile
Music instrument donation
  Online donation…Please go to the the online donation site, GiveOne.
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