We assist children and adults with disabilities in discovering, nurturing their talents and we help them to find emotional stability through the study music and art. Through our methods students become aware of their talents and are encouraged to overcome obstacles.
Everyday we witness how the amazingly positive effect of music and art can enrich the daily life of the children and adults.

響愛学園の日常風景 響愛学園の日常風景 響愛学園の日常風景 響愛学園の日常風景 響愛学園の日常風景 響愛学園の日常風景 響愛学園の日常風景 響愛学園の日常風景
  • 響愛学園
  • 響愛学園
  • 響愛学園

Our mission

By engaging in music and art we cultivate our students’aesthetic sensibility and reinforce their own ability to manifest their true potential.
We hope those who become part of the organization areaware of the real meaning of social welfare and the value of independence and human rights.

Our vision

We aim to be a part of creating a world where everyone, regardless of disabilitie, can shine.
We hope that all may benefit from the society and in return contribute their light to the world.

What we offer

  • Concerts, art exhibitions and other cultural events
  • Workshops, lectures and other study oriented gatherings
  • Daycare and afterschool programs for children with disabilities
  • Community support activities programs for adults with disabilities
  • Inclusive education projects
  • International cultural exchange projects
  • Publishing research paper, newsletter and other study materials
  • Commissioned projects regarding music, art, and social welfare field.


  • KYOAI ACADEMY of the people Disabillties
  • 〒491-0002 6-1,myokoji tokinoshima,Ichinomiya,Aichi,Japan
  • TEL : 0586-64-8491
  • FAX : 0586-64-8492