Our programs

Music program "Look! I can play the piano!"
-a child’s voice from the classroom

Using music instruments

Our music program provides opportunities for the students to learn and play music instruments.
Children learn and improve their music, motor and social skills by experiencing the sounds, melodies and rhythms they create.
Students learn how to play the piano and in playing they experience the joy of creating music. When the children become familiar with the instruments, they gain a sense of achievement and self-confident.
Besides piano, we offer various other instruments such as silver flute, recorder and Cajon.
The children can choose the instruments that help them promote their individual strength.

Music for fun

We also include eurhythmics, music therapy, ABA approach and tomatisTM.
Children experience the joy of expressing music with their bodies. Their joyous encounter with music helps to promote communication skills, enhance their creativity and enrich their imagination and thus lead to blossom their hidden abilities.

Auditory sense training : Tomatis TM

Upon request we offer the ‘Tomatis Method.’ Tomatis is a method of sensory stimulation and is remarkably effective.
Current studies indicate many positive results such as improved concentration, decreased anxiety, the development of cognition skills, and refined motor skills among others.

Art program: Make art that is fun and appealing to our hearts!

In our art program we respect the children’s individual expressiveness and creativity.
The students are encouraged to take their own initiative to create art in our safe and joyful environment and with appropriate instruction.
The students experience various methods and techniques of creative process and enjoy the sense of achievement with building self confidence. Developing motor skills and fostering social skills are also part of our program.

Art lessons

We provide projects at every lesson. We do not worry about “can” or “can't”.
The projects are designed for the children to be able to explore aesthetic sensibility and use their own creativity and at the same time to practice skills and techniques. Projects act as an ice breaker and attract children’s curiosity to the process of actually making a work of art. Once they start to create, they utilize their own imagination and take the projects on their own amazing path.
Once a year we hold an art exhibition in an acclaimed art institution in the area.

Humming - Community support activities program for adults with Disabilities:
Music and art everyday!

Humming is a program for adults with disabilities and offer a space where people come to create art and music as a part of their daily activities.
Participants enjoy making various items: music instruments such as Cajon, Naruko (Japanese traditional castanets) and Irish Harps and wooden toys to sell. They also play the music instruments and art activities.

Academia Choir Group: Come to sing with us!

Academia is a choir group for all people who, regardless of age or physical disability, come to enjoy singing together.
Singing at Academia is a fun and calming experience because we do not aim to sing ‘well’ but to enjoy. Please join us to sing together!

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